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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dear diary,

 Sometimes, i feel so annoyed by myself. When i want to socialize with people, i realised that i get too comfy with my friends and i will reveal things. I feel like i have a big mouth and it's getting really annoying. As i am with my friend, sometimes i will just keep quiet and use my phone but they will feel that i am not being friendly, and then when i participated in the conversation, i leaked something. I am very very pissed at myself, i need to think before i talk if not i will be offending lots of people. To that, i've decided to keep my mouth shut whenever i hang out with my friends. I talk because i thought i could trust them and i just wanted to be part of the convo. It seems that i am very wrong. No one can be trusted in a big group.

rained @ 4:12 PM

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hello! i have been MIA for quite a long time and i have decided to post again because i don't know? it's like i wanna update on my life.
But anyway my finals exam are coming and TBH, i don't have much confidence in it. I was feeling so down and depressed because I have been distant with my close friends. They are from Samoa and for the beginning 2 years we have been seeing each other 24/7 cause we live at the same college. But now we are separated and i don't really hang out with them. So, being by myself, altho i have my Asian friends, we don't really hang out much either, maybe like once a week?
My mood got so bad after my brother and his gf left for their placement up south. They are gone for 5 weeks and it's during my exam period that's why i feel so hopeless and no motivation at all.
I talked to my mum about it, saying how my friend's parent came to NZ from Fiji island to motivate their daughter and my mum said that she will think about it. I was so happy and i told her, why not i go back to singapore instead of you coming over? she said that she will think about it too.
A few days ago, my mum called me and asked me to book a flight back home. I in a state of disbelief because normally i don't go back during winter break as the holiday is too short, it's only a month and i feel that it is a waste of money.
However, she told me it's okay. So i went ahead to book the tickets and OMG, the tickets are so expensive because it's last minute. I called her to confirm if she really wants me back and she said it's okay, just go back home. I was so touched and i felt so blessed.
So here i am, counting down the days. I'll return on 13th June and my flight back here will be on the 10th. so i will reach dunedin around 11th. funny thing is, my school term starts on 10th. haha so i will miss two days of lesson but its okay because normally the first lecture will be introductory.....
i didn't tell my friends that i'm going back because i wanna surprise them but i told 2-3 friends about it.

Thank you Lord for letting my mum to allow me to go back and adjust my mood.

rained @ 4:25 AM

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I am so not ready to leave Singapore for my studies. Some part of me just want to leave so so so badly. But when i think that i have to do be independent, washing my clothing, cooking my own meals, changing bedsheets etc, i just want to stay in Singapore... I know that someday i need to be independent..So why not i will just learn to be independent now. Leaving for my education, i know i have to sacrifice. No more fooling around and i need to seriously study. It is like a 1 way ticket for me. I cannot fail there. I have nothing to fall back on, all i have is my O level cert. So i will need to succeed.... I know i have to think about the negative consequences.... what if i can't make it? I know i should leave when i completed my poly... but..... I wanted to start afresh.... Maybe i will even cry everyday when I'm there because I will just miss my mum so badly, missing her food, missing her hugs....Even though my bro is there at NZ, i know he won't even care about me because he have his own studies... I am not ready to leave.... But since i've made up my mind.... I will work hard and try to survive there.... I just hope that i don't fail there...

rained @ 9:47 PM

Friday, August 10, 2012

My junior and Qingdao friends. :)
Me wearing my sis's spec
Went piercing ytd.
With jiayan
With my sis <3>
With my bro <3>
With my juniors~

  HI people! Common test is coming n yet I have not started my revision! Anyway, went to this math tuition that my bro n his Gf have went before. It's killing me. Always 3+ plus, hope my math will improve! My Sci n my math quite worst. Combined humans n languages I m alright with it. :) anyway, life have been great so far though there are some ups n downs. X_X 

Ytd, went to watch the movie Brave with my sister. n she accompanied me to pierce my ear. Hhehe! i dunno y but i like to pierce ear. M i nuts? o.O hahah! Brave was awesome. sometimes, i really want to be like her. so brave n stuffs. also, the storyline is quite touching. i cried. HAHAHAH. i think every movie i watch i also cry though. hehe! left 3 days till 1st common test paper n i haven started studying for ss,geog,chem. somebody kill me now. OMGOMMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! HAHAH okok bye~

rained @ 1:16 PM

Thursday, May 10, 2012


but i only have confidence to pass 5 subjects? A-math n Physics i don't have much confidence. oh well.. Monday will get back my result. shall see how it goes then. :) ANYWAY, tml Friday no sch cuz of marking day. tml is also the picnic day for me n my GIRLFRIENDS! We will b going to marina barrage :) then on sat i have interview for AYC. n i m praying hard that the interview time will b early so it wont affect the afternoon plans of mine. :) sat i m going to out with my cousins. maybe jamming n watching dark shadows by johnny depp. it will b awesome. BTW, Avengers IS SO GODDAMIT AWESOME. now that's what i call a movie. so if u hadn't watch it yet, i strong recommend u to watch it! u wont regret! trust me! :) oh n FYI, i miss my sister lot lot lot! oh well that's all.
Loves, ME


rained @ 3:02 PM

Monday, April 16, 2012

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MYE IS COMING IN LIKE A WEEK TIME AND I HAVEN EVEN START MY REVISION!! N HERE I M BLOGGING AWAY~ hahahaahha no luh. Printing stuffs then blog also. hehe too long no BLOG. now all ppl Facebook N Twitter. Anyway, if you have twitter pls follow me @vanessatanwk tyvm. :) hehhehehehe.
finished sch anniversary concert during 5/4 then on good friday 6/4 i have a high fever. wasted my weekend. sad sad. heheheheheh!
Anyway, so stress up! especially in my math n phy when i have such teachers. haiz.
if i do well i can visit my sis in london. but can i do well..? :( sniff.


rained @ 7:56 PM

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What shit is this sia. =.=' i dunno how to say sia... freaking hell. its like... a guy like you, then u like another guy. n these 2 guy r like bff. then the guy u like, like ur friend. Freaking hell. i srsly dont like this kind of stuffs when i m already in sec3. LIKE WTF? k its complicated.
Chinese new year coming already n at this timing so many things cropped up.
1st, studies
. My teachers r like... gosh.. i guess i have to fail terribly for the 1st term. hopefully i can cope with everything by the end of term1.
2nd, CCA
. i dunno how to say it but yea. its... stress too.
3rd. Relationship.
Its draining me out like totally. everyday i m feeling exhausted because of the above 3 things. yea thanks so much. =.='
Just let me have a peaceful Chinese New Year with lots of $$$$$. thank you very much.
just realised this is my 2nd post of yr 2012.


rained @ 4:52 PM